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Most people will think Norway is very far up North, which is true if you look at the latitudes (57°-81°N), but there are huge differences between the South and the North. As adventurous students living in the 'South' of Norway we wanted to go above the polar circle, with Tromsø as destination. Since there are no railway connections going so far North, we had to take the plane (which was of course also way much faster).

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It is the main capital of Lithuania, and it isn’t exactly the first country that pops up when you think of tourist destinations. Luckily I had some Dutch friends who were going and asked me to come with them, so Vilnius it was. The main reason to go were the cheap prices, the flight, the hotel and especially the food. The food in Norway is (for us) really expensive, and the people I traveled with are food technologists, so this weekend would be all about food.



The city that probably everyone knows by name, but I guess that almost no one has visited it. It is the capital of Norway, and is by far the biggest city (I believe it has around 700 000 inhabitants) and on a population of 5 100 000, there are quite a lot of people living there. Almost everything is located in Oslo, the parliament, the royal family lives there and a lot of jobs are in Oslo. Having said that, you would expect a huge city that never sleeps, but Oslo is different.



The place where I lived for almost half a year, Ås. It is a small village (for Norwegian standards it is not that small), but luckily it is close to Oslo (30 minutes by train). If you like a lot of space and walking through nature, it is a perfect place to study. When you are done with studying you can have a walk through the forest and the fields, and if you want to run you can go to the lake or the campus.



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